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Senin, 17 Januari 2011

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REMAJA Shoes and Sandals

HI! For all of you guys who like to start business in Shoes and Sandals you might love to see these!! Remaja Shoes is whole seller for shoes, we provide a lot of different models of shoes and sandals, some of our product was imported from china.
We also sells some womens sandals like Carvil, Homeypad, new era, Ardilles,
etc. Some mens sandals like Carvil, Homeypad, New Era, Ardilles, etc. We also provide mens shoes like dallas, spo star, Bill Boy, Tans, Compas, Px, etc. Football shoes like Pro Att, Speed, Mogul, etc. For child shoes we have Att, Loggo,
Spike, Ben top, etc.
Other shoes brand from china we provide spicer, hao sheng, sport, etc. If
you guys interest to start business in shoes you might love to visit our website in there we provide more brands, also has a lot picture of the shoes and sandals. Here we attach some pictures of our shoes and sandals.

Phone : 0818-08880269 Eva
0812-18842062 Dede

Check Our Stores :

Bogor City :
> Jln. Dewi Sartika No 36 B
> Jln. Nyi Raja Permas no 33 Ps. Anyar

Purwakarta City :
> Jln Jend Sudirman no 44

How to Order?
  1. Because we are a wholesale so the minimal order is 5 piece for 1 models, of half dozen for 1 models.
  2. Can not choose the number, because the shoes or sandals number already set by series.
  3. You can make order by message on email or phone, or you can make a phone call.
  4. After you make an order, we will confirm the product, whether we still have the stock or no, and also we will confirm for the payment.
  5. After we receive payment confirmation, we will
    delivery your shoes as soon as possible

You can see for the price in the pictures below, the price is per piece, or per dozen or per score. The price is in indonesian currency. More pictures of womens sandal you can see in our official website in

Pictures of our products shoes and sandals

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